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TURBUS PORTUGAL, International Road Tourism, Lt., is a Enterprise of passengers transport, by tour buses, and travel agency specialized on organizing and operating of groups.

Founded in February 2002, with its head office in Lisbon – Portugal, with Luso-Spanish capitals. The company was created and directed by professionals with many years of experience.

It also relays on trained technicians on different areas, which are necessary to the development of the company directed for tour business.

TURBUS assumes each year a notable rank which already places it as one of the main Portuguese passengers transport that cross the Europe Roads daily, and it's proud, that besides many Portuguese passengers, who try to discover new places, landscapes, monuments, History, people, ways and habits, TURBUS has also the great pleasure of taking thousand of foreign tourists, mostly Europeans in search of this beautiful Portugal, but also many travellers originated from the great American continent, (Canada, Brazil and others from South America), turning Portugal and its capital Lisbon, the entrance door to Spain and other European roots.

The Company's assert is gradual and continuous, which can be estimated by the actual fleet, specially thought for passengers transport, on occasional services, from high tourism to study visits, from renting for excursions and from trips regular special transport.

Get in touch with us! Relay on our support in organizing your voyages in Portugal, Europe and North Africa (Morocco). We like and we want…an everlasting friend in each of our clients!

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