Our Fleet

A sustained growth, with option of completely new buses purchase, endowed of all comfort, entitle our clients to travel in modern vehicles that have an average 4 years of age, as follow:

BUS "11": IVECO 18.35050 seatsApril 2002 (renovated on Feb 2008)
BUS "12": MAN 18.41055 seats July 2002
BUS "13": MAN 18.41053 seats June 2003
BUS "14": MAN 18.41055 seats March 2004
BUS "15": MAN 14.28043 seats May 2004
BUS "16": MAN 18.41053 seats April 2005
BUS "17": MERCEDES TOURISMO 52 seats August 2007
BUS "18": MAN B.2007.46.001 53 seats May 2011

All vehicles are equipped with comfortable and reclined seats, individual seat for the guide, air conditioned and heating, radio equipment readers and CD's, microphone, tape records and ice-box. Only the make MAN 18.410 have WC, that can be used on a emergency.

Driven by drivers, with knowledge of top tourism transport, with the experience mentioned above, not only through the roads of Portugal but also Europe and Morocco. Knowledge of many different courses, joining professionalism and courtesy, trying to make each trip a successful one. This goals has been expressed through praises that we keep with great joy.

However, today's courses oblige us to do better: the new transport's laws impose limits to work and driving hours, compulsory breaks, according to these new terms, we underline our concern with security, reflected in the relations with number of vehicles and company's staff (10), in the specific formation of drivers for children's and youngster's transport,. We also focus on the supply of equipment required by law for that kind of services, annual license of the Portuguese Author's Society for the presentation of all types of videos and a continuous technical assistance of all buses, this being carried out directly by the makes and by the right technicians. These all worries really increase the level of conditions we offer to all our clients in order to ravel in perfect safety.

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